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Re: Flat earth

Dear Glen,

   Sorry about the delay in answering your letter. I've been "snowed under"
   and I'm also trying to change to a different INTERNET service but things
   have somewhat settled down now.

   Thanks for the satellite info.

   I've got a bit tired of the flat earth. The only lingering dobut I have
   is that coriolis force. I think something is making the water turn more
   often clockwise than anti-clockwise. It may be just me. I can get it to
   go anti-clockwise if the water is spinning that way first... The next
   time I am on a flight crossing the equator I will check out what happens
   in the plane. If the coriolis force was still there when you were off
   the rotating earth it could be quite interesting! But it really doesn't

   You said in one of your previous letters you thought there was
   "something out there" and we don't just get old and die then finish of
   story. What is your idea? What do you think happens? Do you believe in
   the soul (a non-material particle within the body whose symptom is
   consciousness). If you do, do you think the soul is eternal? What about


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